About Us

Company History

Proyectos PET C.A, was founded in 1985, becoming in the first Company in introduce PET preforms and bottles for carbonated soft drinks in Venezuela.

Through the years, we were diversifying our product brochure by addition of new production lines and establishing alliances, what allow us to be one of the biggest actors in Venezuelan rigid packaging market. 

In 2014, Proyectos PET C.A, began PEAD closure manufacturing under UCL license, with flex seal, unique in Venezuelan market, that full wrap around seal your product without another material needed and 100% recyclable.

At the same year it added into products brochure, lightweighted preforms, that allow to reduce raw material and energy consumption in molding and blower of bottle processes.

For 2015, Proyectos PET C.A has a production capacity of 2,700 tons per month and keep growing to offer quality and reliability products for its clients from Venezuela, Caribbean Islands, Colombia, Brazil and Center America.