Talks: Good practices of reception, handling and storage of PET preforms and bottles

In January 2019, our quality assurance team started a cycle of talks about the good practices of reception, handling, and storage of PET preforms and bottles called for us CDTEA standards (acronym in Spanish).

In this cycle, we talk about the effects of environmental conditions such: sunlight, hot, the moisture in mechanical and physical characteristics of PET preforms & bottles, adequate reception schedules, and discharge area conditions, storage conditions and acclimatization periods of preforms before the blowing process.

With these talks, we could help our customer to reduce material wasting due to inadequate handling, which allows a continuous and efficient process of bottle blowing and bottling.

CDTEA standards Talks are a space for meeting with our customer, where we listen to its concerns about our products behave in different stages of the manufacturing process and improve them to satisfy its requirements.

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